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Intel and LeBron James Want You To “Fearlessly” Trust Autonomous Vehicles

Supposedly LeBron James is embracing the future and all that comes with it. In a recent Intel advertisement, the 32-year old NBA superstar expresses his support of autonomous vehicles (quite the contrary to widespread societal belief). The advertisement is intended to encourage users to have a sense of “fearlessness” when choosing from Intel’s lineup of vehicles.

Much like the other tech giants, the company is expecting autonomous vehicles to be the thing of the future and has invested big, banding with Waymo (formerly Google’s autonomous car partner) and acquiring driving tech company MobileEye. Though Intel isn’t actually producing the cars, the company is the brains behind the creation of the AI chip components. Therein lies their reasoning for attempting to ensure that users feel safe. Intel is taking on the incredibly difficult challenge of making consumers believe these vehicles are able to perceive the road better than humans, being that the cars are able to learn from one another and adopt patterns of functionality.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich stated, “Self-driving technology can help prevent these errors by giving autonomous vehicles the capacity to learn from the collective experience of millions of cars – avoiding the mistakes of others and creating a safer driving environment,” in the company blog last month to provide further introspection on the company’s intentions. His statement reflects on the efforts made by Uber, which many believe have caused more harm than good to the perception of implementing such technology into vehicles.

Krzanich also said, “Given the pace at which autonomous driving is coming to life, I fully expect my children’s children will never have to drive a car.” He sure seems confident that autonomous cars will be a huge thing in the future, and it’ll be really cool to see if all of this comes to life.

[via Mashable]

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