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Intel is Prepping a 300-Strong Drone Ballet In Singapore

Tomorrow night, in Singapore, 300 drones will light up the night sky and perform a tightly synchronized ballet, courtesy of Intel. Just in case you were wondering what such a spectacle might look like, here’s a look at the rehearsal:

Mashable recently spoke to Intel’s global drone chief, Anil Nanduri, about what it takes to pull off a spectacle of this magnitude:

“There’s considerably more operational complexity in handling a 300 drone fleet, compared with 100 drones in a show,” he said.

The drones are flying closer to each other, and need to be automated to know their place in relation to the other, for instance. And to make it possible for the drones to take off with one pilot controlling them, the system needs to be precise enough to control such a large swarm across a bigger expanse of airspace.

“It’s like juggling balls in your hand,” he explained. “You may be able to juggle three, but if you juggle nine, you may have to throw them higher and faster to get more time,” while being more precise in how you throw the next one.

Intel has previously done a 300-strong drone show for Coachella last year, while also setting a Guinness world record by staging a 500-strong drone show in the skies above Germany. Take a closer look…

Baring any sort of force majure, such as inclimate weather or GPS malfunction, the Intel drones will be seen over Singapore.

[via Mashable]

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