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[UPDATE] Intern Leaves Lazard Asset Management To Start Career in Porn

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Recent college graduate, Paige A. Jennings, left her position as an intern at Lazard Asset Management on Wall street under unknown circumstances earlier this month.  Today, an anonymous source has revealed to News Cult that she has decided to make a go at porn. While she was in fact not dismissed from her job her previous superiors have yet to discover that she had been posting naked selfies of herself inside the company’s bathrooms on Lazard’s time.

An aspiring porn star, Jennings now goes by the name “Veronica Vain”  since leaving Lazard and doesn’t care what her former employer thinks of it. Shortly after her departure from Lazard, Vain boldly states “I just left a job on Wall Street for a porn career because I can’t stop masturbating at work and would rather get cum all over my face. Is that cool with you?” in her Twitter bio.

veronica vain

In the pictures, Vain is either half dressed in office clothing or completely naked. She even took a full frontal on several occasions, which makes her easy to identify. Accompanying the pictures are hashtags like “#naughtyofficeselfie”, “#AssWednesday”, “#nakedselfie” and finally “#wallstreet”. It really seems like Vain was playing into the naughtiness of the genre of office sex as she encouraged the setting. She also did it for the appreciation of her followers and was well aware that she was taking these raunchy photos at work.

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Paige has changed career paths, but that doesn’t make what she did during her stint at Lazard okay. In the backrooms and bathrooms of the corporate world, she committed lewd acts and was turned on by it.


UPDATE: “Veronice Vain’s” Twitter Account was deleted shortly after the release of this article, but is now back up. In a smart move, she has taken down all of her naked office selfies inside Lazard’s bathrooms. 

Business Insider has picked up the story.

Veronica has also been interviewed by popular website Bro Bible since her leave from Lazard. Finally, Vain’s number of twitter followers has gone up substantially since the publish of her story. 

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