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The Internet Has Spawned This Photo of Ivanka Trump Sitting On Her Dad’s Lap, Reimagined As The Cover To The Book “Lolita”

As Donald Trump’s inauguration continues to draw closer with every day, the below photograph of him with daughter, Ivanka sitting atop his knee and touching his face, with him clad in a pressed white suit, has continued to make its rounds across the internet.

The picture, taken in 1996, when Ivanka was fifteen years old, is pretty gross! And everyone thinks so. So it was only a matter of time before the photo fell into the right creative hands.

On January 4th, Facebook Page Lusty Literature Memes posted the above photograph reimagined as the cover of Vladimir Nabokov’s classic 1955 novel, Lolita:

Lolita grew prominent due to its controversial premise, which involved the book’s narrator, Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged professor, and his obsession with Dolores Haze, a twelve-year-old girl who would soon become his stepdaughter, and with whom he would eventually begin bribing and supporting in return for sexual favors. The book also deals with the narrator’s bizarre sexually-charged fascination with adolescent girls, and, before he meets Dolores, Humbert spends large chunks of the book describing his fantasies of meeting and molesting pre-teen girls. One of the most revolting parts of the book depicts Humbert having Dolores, whom he nicknames “Lolita”, sit on his knee, as he ejaculates in his pants.

In 1962, Stanley Kubrick brought Lolita to the silver screen. The film is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the book’s influence, as, in 1959, the term “Lolita” even earned itself a definition in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, as meaning “a precociously seductive young girl”. Today, “Lolita” also refers to a genre of Japanese fashion which depicts a feminine style of dressing oneself up to resemble a child-like doll:

President-elect and notorious cretin Donald Trump has of course always maintained the air of an incestious pervert when he speaks in reference to his daughter Ivanka, now 34. In 2006, the father/daughter duo did an interview for “The View”, in which Trump was asked how he would feel if Ivanka were ever asked to model for Playboy, to which he retorted

Ivanka has a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.

Then, in a 2015 expose for Rolling Stone, journalist Paul Solotaroff followed Trump aboard his campaign trail for a few days, eventually noting that Trump discussed his daughter at length, saying:

Yea, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married, and ya know, her father…

The Facebook meme, which gave credit in the caption to William Andrew Moesinger for the content, also spawned several brilliant comments, which drew inspiration from the original words of Nabokov, the Russian-American author’s Lolita:

This is not the first time this comparison has been drawn, however. In October of 2016, the “grown-up gossip blog” HecklerSpray featured an article written by Krysta Fitzpatrick, which also expanded on Trump’s likeness to the character of Lolita‘s Humbert Humbert. In it, Fitzpatrick wrote that:

Humbert both speaks about Lolita as his daughter, but also talks about how hot he is for her. If you dumbed Humbert Humbert down, made him American and stuck him in modern day New York, you’d basically have Donald Trump.

Recently, another awkward interview surfaced where Wendy Williams asked Donald and Ivanka what their favorite thing they have in common was. Ivanka answered with the extremely normal real estate and golf, whereas Donald responded with the insanely inappropriate and totally fucking weird “Well, I was going to say sex, but I guess I can’t relate that to her.”

BUT YOU JUST DID! A person asked you about something you and your daughter both have in common and enjoy and your mind clearly went to sex!

Fitzpatrick ended her article, aptly noting the sarcastic words on the tips of all of our tongues:

He 100% thinks his daughter is a piece of ass, but, never forget, no one has more respect for women than Donald Trump.

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