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Iowa to Lose Four Planned Parenthood Centers

planned parenthood

On Thursday Planned Parenthood made a statement saying that a third of the Iowa clinics will be closed, 2 of which by June 30th, due to funding cuts stemming from the new Republican-led legislature. This brings the total amount of clinics in Iowa down from 12 to 8, while  abortion providing centers providing abortions will decrease from 8 to 5

This is greatly unfortunate considering more than 14,600 people went these clinics in the past 3 years, according to a local affiliate Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.

Suzanna de Baca, president and CEO of the Heartland said this, “This is a case of extreme Iowa politicians deciding they know what’s better for a woman’s health than the women actually seeking care, with devastating consequences.”

Meanwhile, 1 clinic in Wyoming will be closing, along with 3 others in New Mexico.

Republican lawmakers in Iowa are beginning to cut down Planned Parenthood clinics in order to develop a state-run family planning program, one that prohibits abortion services or referrals.

The defunding of Planned Parenthood has been a long term plan of Iowa Republicans, with the new state family planning program set to cost $3 million. Iowa tackled major budgeting decisions and concerns this year, with this proposed program only adding to it. Despite being recognized as a GOP priority, Democrats have heavily criticized this while there are ongoing budgeting constraints and agency cuts.

A spokesperson for the Iowa governor, Ben Hammes, references info saying there will be family planning services, “in every corner of the state.” He also said, “The pro-life movement is making tremendous strides in changing the hearts and minds, to return to a culture that once again respects human life.”

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