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iPhone 8 Could Come with Wireless Charger


For ye feckless and oft of the lost charger, Apple has a solution. Nikkei Asian Review, a tech news site (I’ve never heard of it either) reported late Monday night that Foxconn Technology Group is making wireless charging modules to go with the iPhone 8.

The device, which will launch next year as part of the iPhone’s 10th anniversary range, will have the chargers only if Foxconn, “can boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level later on,” the source told Nikkei. In English: yield rate=”the number of satisfactory units in the production of batch of components“.

It is unclear whether the wireless chargers will be featured in all iPhone 8’s or simply a small percentage.

It’s another sign of Apple’s intention to rehaul the iPhone after the tech giant suffered its first annual revenue decline since 2001 due to a glutted smartphone market and lower-than-normal demand for it’s iPhone 7 series, which has caught flack for lacking innovative features. And that’s with Samsung Note’s blowing up all over the place.

We’ve heard rumours already that Apple is planning on an all-glass assembly for it’s new iPhone’s. The president of Sharp electronics confirmed this past weekend that Apple will be equipping all of it’s new phones with OLED displays.

And we already know that Apple has killed off the 3.5mm jack port in the iPhone7.

Apple is possibly on its way to building the first completely wireless phones.

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