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iPhone 8 Prototype Leaked, Could this be Apple’s Glorious Final Design?


Every second it seems like more and more rumors pile up about what Apple is going to do with the iPhone 8. Fans and iPhone enthusiasts clamor for any sliver of information about the new model. People are even going as far as to build their own models based on the rumors about the phone’s features.

Apple continues to decline to release any information about the phone’s debut, keeping us all on our toes and at their will (Thanks, Apple!). Everything released is speculative at the moment until Apple confirms it themselves. Thankfully though, inside scoop on the final model of the iPhone 8 may have been released by the company BGR. Hopefully, this puts an end to some of the drama surrounding the iPhone 8.

The prototype shows all the rumored features in store for the newest Apple product, including a vertical camera, the edge to edge screen, and the removal of the home button. Apple has yet to comment or confirm this supposed prototype, so there is no guarantee this is the model we will be seeing when the phone actually comes out. For now, it should satiate all you iPhone fanatics and maniacs in the tech world.

[via Elite Daily]

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