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Is the Verizon Fios Deal Worth the Year of Free Netflix?

Verizon recently offered a year of free Netflix subscription for its members who signed on to Fios. While Verizon was the first to bundle Netflix with a subscription package, they’re not the only company to bundle packages: T-Mobile offers free services to users with over two lines, and AT$T offers free HBO. Not to be outshone, Sprint has a deal with Tidal’s streaming platform, HiFi.

But the question remains: is the Verizon package worth the cost?

In the case of Verizon Fios, most likely not. More and more homes are moving away from having cable, and rely on streaming services and online sites to get their viewing pleasures. The triple play package they offer is $79.99 a month; to get only the wifi is $39.99. The Netflix subscription solo comes at a mere $10.99 So if you do some quick maths, you’ll see that for people who don’t need cable or landlines (most homes), it’s cheaper to opt out.

The only real benefit from this package is for users who already had the Triple Play package, as they now get their Netflix subscription taken care of for a year. Not too shabby.

[via Mashable]

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