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ISIS uses eBay to Allegdedly Send American Money

Being a terrorist ain’t cheap. It costs money and because government officials are constantly on the look out, they had to get creative.

Mohamed Elshinawy, an alleged American Islamic State conspirator, told The Wall Street Journal that he would pretend to sell printers on eBay. He received $8,700 through the fake sales.

Elshinaway got the money from Siful Sujan, a Syrian-based member of ISIS who ran a company. Sujan was in control of computer-related items until he was killed by a drone in 2015.

With the money, Elshinaway would purchase tech items like a phone and laptop. With it, he set up a VPN to hide his internet activity, that is, until the U.S. government found out. He was arrested in 2016 pleading not guilty, with the trial still pending.

[via Mashable]

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