It Turns Out Bartenders Aren’t That Great at Guessing Who’s Actually Underage


Today’s youngins don’t look as young as they did years ago. Today’s 15-year-olds look like they’re in their mid 20s, and today’s 20-year-olds look like they’re 12. It’s a bizarre world out there, especially if you have the right outfit to trick the masses into thinking you’re more mature than you actually are.


Unfortunately, there is one group of people who’s job description entails them to be able to tell if a person is older than 21. Sure, they could check IDs, but where’s the fun in that?

WatchCut put a few pourers to the test by asking them if they could tell whether a person was over 21 or not.

How’d they do?

Pretty fucking terrible.

[Via BroBible]



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