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Italian ‘Battle of the Oranges’ Promises to Prevent Scurvy

Ever wanted to be part of a food fight? It seems like a fun premise. Chucking food at people, for no particular reason? Seems like a good way to get rid of some pent-up anger issues. In Spain, they’re known for throwing tomatoes at each other, and Italy decided not to be outdone.

In the small region of Ivrea, Piedmont, there is a yearly three-day food fight that marks the start of a carnival. The Italians celebrate by throwing oranges at each other. And we’re not talking just one or two per person: 500,000 kilograms of oranges were tossed this year. That’s roughly 1,102,311.31 pounds of oranges, people. Mamma Mia.

It drew in 100,000 visitors, and is known as the “Battle of the Oranges.” The best part is that nobody knows for sure what the origin of this festival is, but hey, who needs a reason? It’s Italy!

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