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Ivanka Trump Is Opening A Store, Can You Guess Where?

The answer is Trump Tower.

Trump Tower.

She could have posted up anywhere, but where does she go? Where her daddy is.

Nonetheless, business has not been booming for daddy’s little girl. Her clothing and accessory lines are having some trouble, but that’s not stopping her from opening up shop. The store is tentatively set to open up this fall.

Because of viral movements like #GrabYourWallet shoppers have been suggested to not buy Trump products by noting the retailers that sell them. As a result, stores like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus have discontinued products and completely remove them from their shelves. It got so bad that Trump products were being sold under a different label in discount retailers.

It doesn’t end there. Some light was shed on the fact that Trump’s products weren’t made in the best conditions. China Labor Watch even investigated on the conditions of a Trump shoe factory.

Because of all this Ivanka has received a lot of heat. Hopefully, opening a store in Trump Tower’s will solve all this.


[via Elite Daily]

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