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‘iZombie’ “Blaine’s World” Season Finale Recap

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The season finale of ‘iZombie,’ achieved everything that can be hoped for in a season finale. “Blaine’s World,” written by series co-creator Rob Thomas, picked up moments after the events of last weeks episode. Major is still being held captive by Blaine, a character that should be laughable, and not in a good way. However the brilliant writing and the wonderful acting of David Anders has allowed the show to have an over-the-top big bad, who is believable. The perfect polar opposite to Rose McIver’s Olivia Moore, two characters who happen to be zombies but underscore a wonderful critique of humanity.

Last nights episode delicately weaved all the season long arcs together, creating an emotional, entertaining and fast paced finale. ‘iZombie’ has so many strong characters,that it doesn’t mind if Liv isn’t the focus every minute.

The show begins with Julien searching Major’s car for the missing brains, Blaine who is dealing with a bunch of hungry zombies, checks in on Major and offers to free him if he tells him where the brains are.

At the morgue, we see Theresa’s dead body. As Liv partakes she becomes instantly snarky. Ravi’s new trial rat seems to have fully recovered from being a zombie,which forces a conversation about Liv’s desire to give it a go. Ravi strongly objects and she capitulates. Liv has a vision and realizes that the kids deaths are all tied to Max Rager, and Vaughan recovering his lost flash-drive. Liv and Clive believe that Cameron is next on the list if not already dead, some of his blood was found at the crime scene, Clive puts out an APB.

At Meat Cute, Blaine talks to Major again- he ups the ante by creepily telling Major that due to Nazi research he can keep Major alive as long as he needs to.

During the investigation into Cameron’s disappearance Liv and Clive find evidence on a security camera, then receive a 911 call from him, after following the origin of the call Clive quickly becomes suspicious. After checking traffic camera’s it becomes clear that Cameron has been playing them all along. He had killed his bandmates to collect 300k dollars from Max Rager. He meets with a young woman in a diner and trades the flash-drive for the cash, hops on a bus and is apprehended by authorities.

Blaine continues to torture Major, he offers him soup and after quickly eating some he realizes it contains pieces of brain. If that weren’t enough he brings Tommy in hanging from a meat hook with a hollowed out skull.

Back at the station Liv and Clive interrogate Cameron, who hesitantly admits to everything using his only bargaining chip, he made a copy of the drive. Clive discovers all of the Max Rager research on the drive including an advertisement for SuperMax. Liv immediately heads downstairs to talk to Ravi, but he is nowhere to be found.

Moments later Ravi calls her asking if she has seen Major, and she asks about Peyton. Liv is about to hit rock bottom, she fills a syringe with the zombie cure and is about to use it when she gets a call from “Major,” but of course it’s not Major it’s Blaine. He offers to trade Major for the astronaut brains and Liv agrees. They meet and Liv, who is totally off her game gives Blaine the brains, not realizing the person he had released was just a random guy.

This is when things get serious, and the last fifteen minutes are by far the best of the entire series. Major has come a long way from being the jaded fiancee, to the thought to be crazy conspiracy nut, he escapes the freezer by peeing on the floor and starting a fire. After knocking one of the henchmen out, he could simply escape. That’s not who he is anymore, he takes the firearms and the grenade from his car and wreaks havoc on all those inside. The action is intense, savage and well-deserved, after killing all those inside… even using the Grenade on Julien, he pauses for a moment. As Blaine stabs him in the stomach, promising a slow painful death.

Liv shows up and shoots Blaine, but not in the head. This allows the most insightful and well written monologue of the entire series. Blaine tells Liv that she can’t kill him, because he feeds the zombies and if she does, she will begin the zombie apocalypse… and he has a point. The conversation is interrupted by Major calling for help, she finds him on the floor dying.

Major seems resigned to accept his fate, as long as Liv is by his side and knowing that zombies are real. Enter Blaine who can’t fathom how Major is unaware that Liv is a zombie, this revelation changes things. After gloating about how he will make sure that Major takes the fall for the massacre, Liv stabs him with the cure… Major is dying perhaps even has died and Liv scratches him.

At Liv’s house she is nursing Major back to health and giving him a crash course on being a zombie. The conversation is deeply emotional and filled with ethical and moral quandaries, it is hard to fault either for their actions. Major is not happy that Liv saved him. As if things could not get worse Liv’s brother shows up at the Meat shop, just as the police captain blows up the building, Liv’s brother is in bad shape.

The episode concludes with Ravi getting a copy of the morning paper, showing that Liv leaked all the documents. At Max Rager, Vaughn is greeted by a gaggle of press but does not seem overly concerned. At the Meat shop Clive notices Julien’s shoes and sends a uniform to pick up Major. Back at Liv’s she administers the last of the cure to Major, hoping that he can forgive her. Liv gets a call from her mother, and heads off to the hospital. Her brother is badly hurt and in need of blood, he and Liv are the same blood type. They need her blood, but she refuses.

Rarely do shows end on such mixed emotional notes, Liv is in the worst place she has ever been, Major may or may not die or be arrested. There might be a Zombie apocalypse, and there is a good chance Liv’s little brother will die because she couldn’t help. Season two has been given the gift of an infinite number of scenarios to run with, and it can’t come too soon.

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