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Jaguar Presents New Electric Vehicles in the Coldest of Weather

Jaguar introduced new vehicle prototypes in cold-ass northern Sweden and then turned them into Hot Wheels.

Well, not literally, but it was still cool to see them speed around in the snow. Some thought the vehicles were part of a stunt, but they still showcased their power in extreme weather. Jaguar states it drove its soon to come I-PACE SUV around temperatures as low as -40° Fahrenheit.

Tesla reported last year that cold weather can interfere with the batteries in vehicles. They allowed drivers to “preheat” their battery when necessary, which bettered general performance of their cars.

Jaguar photographed their new vehicles in Sweden, and the I-PACE was the star of the shoot. The car sped through the snow and looked great, but we didn’t see much on its performance. They believe the car can charge from zero to 80 percent in less than 45 minutes.

Jaguar shipped an I-PACE prototype to California in 2017. They drove the car through Highway 1 for 200 miles on one battery charge. The Tesla Model X SUV presents an EPA between 237 to 295 miles. Jaguar impressed us with the vehicle, but it’s still subpar to its competition.

The I-PACE evolves to being an actual product March 1, 2018. Jaguar will also release the car for sale on this date. Jaguar will debut the car at the Geneva Auto Show.

[via Mashable]
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