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Jake Gyllenhaal has a Problem with Trump’s Treatment of the Environment

Jake Gyllenhaal had a lot to say at the press conference for his newest film Okjaincluding Trump.

The film follows the story of a little girl and her friendship with a large animal, called a ‘super pig,’ which was specially bred and modified by an American company. The movie has clear themes of environmental irresponsibility and the damage that occurs from that ignorance.

Gyllenhaal expanded on the movie’s environmental message when asked if the timing of the film was important.

“I don’t think there is any better time for this film and what it says about the environment than now, given the current political state,” he said. “Particularly, I would say, from my country, of things being sort of brought back what I would consider a few decades, if not more.”

“Sometimes it’s not just an issue of aim, it’s also an issue of when a movie comes out and what it has to say, and I think there’s no better time than now for something like this.”

While he didn’t directly mention the President’s name, Gyllenhaal made his position on Trump clear. “And also, I just really want to add that I’m very excited about the appointment of Robert Mueller.”

For those unaware, Mueller was the former FBI director who is now heading the investigation into Russia’s possible contact and influence on Trump’s campaign.

[Via mashable]

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