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Jake Gyllenhaal Reacts To Himself Doing Things. Yeah, You Read That Correctly

Conan asks Gyllenhaal how he feels about @JaceActivities

CREDIT: TBS via YouTube

Twitter is basically everyone’s obsession, but it looks like Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t as tuned into it as the rest of us. Gyllenhaal paid a visit to Conan O’Brien, where he spoke about his upcoming film StrongerBut it seems that Conan was more interested in talking about the infamous Jake Gyllenhaal-dedicated Twitter page, @JakeActivities.

Unless you are not in the Twittersphere, you probably have come across @JakeActivities, which shows multiple images of the actor just doing regular activities. Conan jumped in on the fun and presented the account to Gyllenhaal, and luckily he laughed it off. He had a hell of a time with it as he laughed through the images with Conan.

Check out the video below:

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