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James Comey and Mike Rogers Testify on Wiretap and FBI Investigation

FBI Director James Comey’s deposition is barely underway, and there have already be numerous headline-worthy moments. The most bombshell-iest of bombshells dropped today also happened to be the least surprising, given the growing amount of skepticism surrounding the Obama wiretap incident.

FBI director James Comey. Image via Joshua Roberts/Reuters

Mr. Comey not surprisingly said that there was no information to support Trump’s accusations that former president Obama wiretapped him. “I’m not going to try and characterize the tweets themselves. All I can say is we have no information that supports them.”

NSA director Mike Rogers also refuted allegations made by a Fox News commentator and repeated by Sean Spicer that the U.S. reached out to a British Intelligence agency to wiretap Trump. “I have seen nothing at the NSA that we engaged in such activity,” Rogers said.

One of the most surprising moments came when Director Comey confirmed the FBI is currently investigating the Russian government’s intervention in the 2016 presidential election. The investigation will explore any links between the Trump administration and the Russian government. It’s not common for the FBI to reveal ongoing investigations, but when it’s in the public’s best interest to know, details will be revealed. Director Comey said that “this is one of those circumstances.”

Rep. Schiff tried to push Director Comey further on the FBI’s investigation, but he refused to discuss the probe in more depth. “I’m worried we are going to a place I don’t want to go,” he said. Director Comey did not say when the investigation will end, but acknowledged that it began in “late July.”

Chairmen Nunes later asked Director Comey if the FBI investigation will include contacts between the Clinton campaign and Russia if anyone comes forward with such information. Director Comey didn’t specifically answer the question, but said all information provided will be evaluated.

**NewsCult writer David Liu contributed to this report.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]


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