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James Franco Learns What Metaphors Are on YouTube

Whoever had “YouTube philosophy series” in the “James Franco’s next gig pool”: you win!

The Pineapple Express star took some time off from his already legendarily overstuffed schedule to put together a series of low-key, intimate talks in which he and his buddy Eliot Michaelson (of King’s College London) interview other academic types about weighty topics like metaphor, beauty, abortion, and imagination.

These are the sorts of videos in which Franco simply asks, “What is a metaphor?” But is that question really so simple? It’s something many of us take for granted, but maybe there is merit to examining it anew with childlike wonder.

Find out what fresh (or old but new again) discoveries of the mind you’ll make alongside James and Eliot by watching their first four videos below:

[via Mashable]

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