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In Japan, You Can Rent Fake Friends to Take Pictures With You for Social Media

via Family Romance

One of the (many) downsides to the ever growing popularity of social media is the rise of FOMO, AKA the feeling of missing out. You know how terrible it feels to find out you were invited to dinner with your friends because “they didn’t think you wanted to go?” Well, that feeling hurts a million times worse when they advertise it all over social media for you to see.

So, what to do when you want to get back at them, but don’t have any other friends to hang out with? Rent-a-friend, of course!

Japan is seeing the rise of rent-a-friend services across Japan, specifically aimed at social media users. “An increasing number of people don’t want their parents or friends to think they have few friends,” Yuichi Ishii, who runs such a service, said to Jiji.

One specific service, deemed Family Romance, claims they get about 20 to 30 requests a month for renting friends (that sentence sounds a whole lot creepier when I type it out). According to Kotaku, Family Romance charges 8,000 yen, or about $74, for one rent-a-friend for two hours.

Family Romance also provides other forms of fake friends, such as renting out wedding guests, seminar attendees, and even fake parents for those who need to trick their special someone.

To be fair, I’d totally do this to get back at a friend or boyfriend who did me wrong…

[Via Kotaku]

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