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Japanese Gangster Arrested After Tattoos Go Viral

via The Independent

A viral photo helped lead to the arrest of a Japanese fugitive who had been in hiding for over 10 years.

Shigeharu Shirai had been in hiding in Thailand, trying to avoid arrest for allegedly shooting and killing a rival Japanese gang boss. But a Thai man posted photos of Shirai playing a game of checkers with his gang tattoos prominently displayed on Facebook, and the photos proceeded to go viral.

Shirai’s tattoos, as well as a missing finger, a sign of a Japanese gang tradition, led Japanese police to identify Shirai in the photos and alert Thai authorities.

Shirai was finally arrested while shopping in the market town of Lopburi. He had apparently settled down in Thailand and even married a local woman in the years since he fled his murder charges.

Shirai was a leader of one of the notorious Yakuza gangs of Japan, a mafia-like crime outfit believed to have over 60,000 members.

Anyway, now you can all feel a little bit more comfortable about your “No Regrets” tattoos in comparison.

[via The Independent]

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