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Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Makes It All Way to Billboard No. 1 (As Opposed to 1:11)

CREDIT: Prince Williams/Getty Images

On June 30, Jay-Z’s album 4:44 was exclusively released to Tidal. Since then it has not only reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top 100, it has also moved 262,000 equivalent album units, with 174,000 of those coming from traditional album sales.

As impressive as it is, this number puts Jay-Z’s 4:44 in only fourth place among albums with the biggest-selling weeks in 2017. Ed Sheeran’s Divide is in third place with 451,000, then Drake’s More Life is in second with 505,000. And in first place is Kendrick Lamar’s Damn., selling a whooping 603,000.

The sales of 4:44 came from 131,000 downloads while only 43,000 came from CDs.

As successful as 4:44 is, it did not outdo Jay-Z’s last album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, which sold 528,000 copies only its first week in 2013.

Jay-Z now has fourteen albums thanks that have reached Billboard Top 100, as he furthers his lead in this category over Bruce Springsteen, who sits in second with only eight albums in the Top 100. Jay-Z’s also holds the coveted spot of most No. 1 albums by a solo artist, where Springsteen sits second again.

Let’s not forget that 4:44 reached platinum less than a week after its release. Tidal decided not to release those numbers but it is safe to assume that they were pretty high.

[via Complex]

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