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Jeff Bezos Has Too Much Money So He’s Building a $42 Million Clock

Everybody has problems. Some people struggle to figure out how to find food and shelter. While others, like Jeff Bezos, struggle to figure out how to spend their money. Lest you think I am being disdainful, I’d like to say that I’m sure it is in fact a genuine issue for types like these. When you have over 127 billion dollars, life must develop its own unique set of challenges. Anyway… Jeff Bezos is building a $42 million clock. It looks pretty flipping cool and it is supposed to tick for ten thousand years without human intervention.

Bezos says it will be an icon for humans thinking long-term. Or maybe just an icon for being stupid rich. Bezos says the clock will not be functional for “many years in the future,” however. So, we shall have to hold our breath and wait for that life-changing apparatus to come into existence.

Seriously though, it is fucking cool. Check it out below!

[via Mashable]

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