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Jennifer Lawrence Says She Would Pick Love Over Her Career



For most people, their career always comes first, especially if their career is even a sliver of the career Jennifer Lawrence has. However, Lawrence says she would put love before her career (and she has an Oscar!).

While visiting Good Morning America to promote her new film Passengers, host Michael Strahan asked her if she would ever leave the showbiz for love.

Lawrence said,

I guess it depends on the love. Is that really mean? Does that sound super callous? It depends on the love? I mean if you were facing getting a really good job and the love that you’re with is kinda like ‘maybe it’s momentary’ then like choose the job. But if you’re like — this is love for the rest of my life then — screw the job!

Lawrence is currently dating 47-year-old director Darren Aronofsky.

I can speak on behalf of everyone right now and say Jennifer, please don’t ever leave.

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