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‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Passes Away From Cancer, But Not Before She Becomes an All-Time Great Champion


Cindy Stowell, a science content developer from Austin, Texas, won 6 games of Jeopardy!, earning a total of $103,803 in winnings. That is plenty impressive enough on its own, but it goes to another whole level when considering that Stowell was suffering from Stage 4 cancer during the taping of her episodes.

In between the shooting and airing of her games, Stowell passed away on December 5. It had been a lifelong dream of hers to appear on the long-running game show, and she was able achieve it with just a few months to spare. During her matches, she appeared amazed at how much success she was achieving.

Her final game aired last night, and it featured a message of remembrance from host Alex Trebek:

Stowell decided that she would donate her winnings to cancer research in the hopes of helping those suffering a similar fate as herself. For more about her Jeopardy! experience and personal journey, watch the video below:

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