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Jerrod Carmichael’s Notes for ‘The Carmichael Show’ Look Like Suicide Notes

THE CARMICHAEL SHOW -- "Fallen Heroes" Episode 202 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jerrod Carmichael as Jerrod Carmichael, Amber Stevens West as Maxine -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)(CREDIT: Chris Haston/NBC)

For the sake of their own health, entertainment professionals have to be careful about how much they dedicate themselves to their craft. Take, for example, comedian Jerrod Carmichael, star and creator of NBC sitcom The Carmichael Show.

At a Vulture Festival panel with the show’s cast and writers, Carmichael described his habit of writing down his ideas on notes whenever they come to him throughout the day. But his mind moves so fast such that these musings (e.g., “Dad, you know what you did”) are liable to look like the scribblings of a mentally unwell person to anyone who is not in his head.

David Alan Grier, who plays Carmichael’s dad, also revealed he has feared for his life thanks to this show. A Season 2 episode in which a Muslim family moved in next door had him reciting dialogue so dicey that he worried a fatwa might be called on him.

Regarding the future of The Carmichael Show, Lil Rel Howery, who plays Bobby Carmichael, declared, “Season 3 might be our best season.” Normally, I would just write that off as just an actor getting all hyped on a press tour, but a few new clips were screened at the start of the panel, and I have to say that I am inclined to agree. Watch out for thought-provoking discussions on rape and consent as well as racism stemming “from a place of love.”

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