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Jerry Seinfeld Hugs His Manager In Front of Mural Depicting Infamous Kesha Hug Snub

Jerry Seinfeld does not hug strangers. There are no exceptions to this rule, as pop star Kesha found out when she tried and failed (three times!) to hug the beloved comedian during a red carpet interview, a truly cringeworthy moment that of course instantly went viral. Well, if recent social media posts are any indication, Jerry is now just rubbing it in.

During a recent trip to Melbourne for a run of standup shows, Seinfeld and his long-time manager, George Shapiro, visited a street mural depicting Seinfeld snubbing Kesha. And then, as if to pour salt in poor Kesha’s wounds, Seinfeld hugged Shapiro for a photo op! Of course, Seinfeld has known Shapiro for three decades, but still.

Below, relive “The Snub” in all of its awkward glory.

[via Mashable]

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