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Jessica Williams Stars in Final ‘Daily Show’ Field Piece


After four years of providing hilarious, yet insightful commentary on our modern political landscape, Jessica Williams released her final special report on The Daily Show before bidding the program adieu.

The topic of her last piece: “Bernie Or Bust.” Williams interviewed a focus group of stubborn Bernie Sanders supporters who would rather vote for Trump to spite Hillary Clinton rather than vote for a candidate that more closely aligns with their own values. She raises an eyebrow as one argues that Clinton being a “stack of garbage” is more questionable than Trump’s history of racism and bigotry.

After the segment is over, Trevor Noah and all of the other Daily Show correspondents embrace Jessica in a huge bear hug and send her off. No need to fear, Jessica Williams fans, because you can still see her in an upcoming show developed by Comedy Central. It’s still in its preliminary phases, but at least she isn’t gone for good.

[via AV Club]

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