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Jimmy Kimmel Asks His Audience If The Trump Family is “Capable of Shame”

CREDIT: ABC via YouTube

Headline: Trump is a hypocrite. Although it isn’t surprising anymore when news comes to light of Trump’s misconduct or stupidity, that doesn’t mean we should stop bearing witness or reporting on it.

In keeping with this principle, Jimmy Kimmel dug out some fresh dirt and chose to share it with his audience. Kimmel had a hunch that Trump and his family-run online store (which sells various items and merch) was not living up to Trump’s promise of “AmericaFfirst.” And Kimmel was right. Which, again, isn’t a huuuuuge surprise.

Kimmel could not resist buying a few choice items from the site, including Trump’s signature white golfing hats and a baby’s bib (which Kimmel imagines Trump wears when he is eating cheeseburgers in bed).

Although most of the items are made in China or Thailand, the scandal doesn’t stop there. The site does not even list where some of the items are made. Not listing the country of origin is a federal crime, Kimmel says, and he even brings up the law in its entirety to prove it.

“Failure to properly report product origin can result in substantial penalties,” Kimmel reads to his audience. “Companies can face up to $500,000 in fines per violation, or ‘double’ the loss or gain from the violation related to these violations.”

Kimmel goes on to ask what I’m guessing was a rhetorical question: “This can be very expensive. Not to mention, this has got to be embarrassing. Are they capable of shame?” He concludes that he will “file an official complaint and let them sort it all out.”

Check it out below:

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