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Jimmy Kimmel Has an Idea as to How to Stop Trump’s Twitter Fingers: Fidget Spinners


Here’s the deal: Puerto Rico is a fucking disaster and our motherfucking President doesn’t give a shit. It took him DAYS to address the devastation going on in THE US TERRITORY, then he went there and threw paper towels into the crowd, now Trump is saying FEMA’s support isn’t going to last forever.

Ummmmm … FEMA has been in Puerto Rico for like, a couple of weeks.

On top of that, the only way Trump actually communicates is through Twitter. He goes online in the middle of the night, tweets some bullshit, them goes to sleep to turn his sheets orange.

Thankfully, Kimmel has a solution to help Trump stop tweeting: fidget spinners.

Kimmel encouraged his audience to send the toys to Trump’s address at the White House to try and prevent the president from any rash Twitter-rants through the power of distraction.

Honestly, not a bad idea.

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