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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals That Even Toddlers Think Trump Is Doing A Terrible Job

CREDIT: ABC via YouTube

Ah, the innocence of youth.

If someone had asked six-year-old me my opinions on the president’s job performance, they probably would’ve been met with a blank stare. (Hell, if someone asked twenty-six-year-old me the same question, they’d have gotten a similar response.)

Thankfully for the future of our country, kids today are more well-informed when it comes to politics than I ever was. So last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host took to the streets to hear from some real Americans: small children.

One kid said Trump was doing a “great” job and had “saved the world,” a glowing recommendation so far. But when asked what, precisely, Trump had saved the world from, the child let his true colors shine through: “Harmony.”

Another child blasted Trump’s proposal to build a wall separating the U.S. and Mexico, noting that she “like, love[s] going to Mexico.” Another vote lost. Still another child was asked what came to mind when the interviewer mentioned Trump’s name, and his response (“Small fingers?”) was classic. (I hope that kid doesn’t have a Twitter account, or Trump is going to light. him. UP.)

Overall, it appears that even children have a hard time getting on the Trump Train. I, for one, applaud their political insights and am looking forward to their participation in democracy when they reach voting age. Assuming, of course, that the country and/or the planet still exist by then.

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