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Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People with Hardcore Porg

CREDIT: ABC via YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel is known for his pranksterism, and one of his prank subgenres is his show’s series of on-the-street videos, in which sidewalkers are lured into questions that sound like they’re about one thing but are really about something else. It’s basically a mild, victimless form of entrapment.

This time around, Jimmy is riffing on the fact that EVERYONE has been obsessing over the new Last Jedi trailer and specifically that new furry little creature known as a “porg.”

But has everyone actually seen this trailer? Sure, its view count on YouTube is astronomical, but it turns out that when you ask everyday folks point blank about their porg viewing habits, chances are that they think you are talking about something else. Thus, what this video proves is that a not insignificant number of people are surprisingly willing to divulge information about themselves that you might think they would prefer to keep private.

Watch and discover the truth below:

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