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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ Video Parodies Donald Trump


Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Jimmy Kimmel went political on us, parodying President Trump’s coined term “alternative facts” in an animated video reminiscent of the TV show Schoolhouse Rock!

The video largely parodies the famed Schoolhouse Rock! song “I’m Just a Bill,” this time being titled “I’m Just a Lie.”

Kimmel prefaced the video with this statement: “The President makes statements every day that aren’t necessarily true which is frustrating to some people, and confusing to others, especially young people. We’re raised to believe that the president tells the truth, and this isn’t necessarily the case anymore. We took a cue from Schoolhouse Rock!, and hopefully this will explain how it all works now.”

In the meantime, when Trump isn’t possibly plagiarizing Elle Woods, he’s got some bigger issues to deal with.

[via Vulture]

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