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Joey Fatone is Biased and Cocky Over This Boy-Band Tip Off War Between *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys

The long outdated debate between *NSYNC versus the Backstret Boys still rages on as ’90s pop-music lover take to Twitter over tip-off war.

Joey Fatone, an ex-member of *NSYNC, tweeted a photo of a tip jar war, between his band and the Backstreet Boys to his competitor and Backstreet Boy member A.J. McLean.

Fatone didn’t shy away from telling rival McLean how it is as he snaps a picture and posts it to Twitter for all to chime in. The war is legitimate, but can we trust Fatone? We don’t know if he shifted the results after he paid for his milk, but we do know *NSYNC is winning by a landslide.

After following this war, fans, Twitter followers, and all former members are thinking the same thing: the ball is in your court McLean, time to drink some milk and change some results.

[via Mashable]

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