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John Krasinski is SO DOWN for an ‘Office’ Reboot

EVERYONE! STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! WAKE UP THE KIDS, IT MIGHT BE HAPPENING! What do I speak of? The most widely-quoted, well-received TV series ever to grace our presence, The Office, may come back for a revival season.  GREAT SCOTT!

After its end in 2013, NBC experimented with bringing it back, with some old cast and some new. When on Ellen recently, she started poking around about the rumors of a revival. John was all too anxious to be able to play lovable Jim Halpert again. Although he hasn’t been asked by NBC to come back yet, making us think this is just hearsay, there’s always hope.

It might be too early in the process for John to have heard about reprising his role, but if there was to be a comeback, it’s safe to say he’s in. Keep your fingers crossed, and await further news, Dunder Mifflin fans.

[via Ellen]

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