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Jon Stewart Can’t Understand Why Jimmy Kimmel-Themed Bar Mitzvah Wasn’t About Him Instead

CREDIT: Randy Holmes/ABC

An enterprising young man in Media, PA, just outside Philadelphia, went above and beyond to make Jimmy Kimmel the theme of his bar mitzvah. He even went so far as to send Kimmel an invitation.

The talk show host didn’t attend, but was kind enough to send the young man a congratulatory video and interview him over the Internet during the show.

The interview took a turn for the absurd when Jon Stewart, late night TV’s awkward grandpa, strolled into the studio and hijacked the interview.

“You probably had your choice of idolizing any talk show host,” Stewart counseled the young man, “you could’ve gone with a Jew, is all I’m saying.”

Oy vey.

Enjoy the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live below:

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