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Juicero’s CEO Valiantly Strikes Back Against Critics


After having become the ridicule of the tech world, Juicero is hitting back against critics with a statement from their CEO.

In case you don’t have your finger on the pulse of innovative juicing technology, Juicero is a $400 device that essentially squeezes a plastic bag of liquid, draining it into a cup for you to drink. Why is it so expensive? Well, because of…innovation, and a cutting edge juicing experience?

Plenty of folks didn’t buy into the latest juicer that is paving a path to the future, taking to social media to criticize/ridicule the device. In response, Juicero’s CEO Jeff Dunn released a statement valiantly defending both the device and the company itself. Specifically, Dunn addressed the “hack” of the Juicero that involves taking the juice pouches and just squeezing them with your hands. While investors in the product claimed that simply squeezing the pouches produced a similar juice yield, Dunn insists that is not the case.

As he said in his statement, “What you will get with hand-squeezed hacks is a mediocre (and maybe very messy) experience that you won’t want to repeat once, let alone every day.” The most noteworthy thing Dunn said was in his attempt to justify owning the Juicero in the first place, stating “The value of Juicero is more than a glass of cold-pressed juice. Much more.” He argues the product is essential for “frazzled dads” during their morning routine, and for “the busy professional who needs more greens in her life.”

Apparently, the Juicero’s wi-fi capabilities link with an app that reminds users to press pouches before they expire (after about 8 days). That way, the aforementioned busy professional won’t waste money on the press pouches. You know how else the busy professional can not waste money? By not spending $400 dollars on a glorified gimmick of a juicer!

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