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‘Jurassic World’ For Real: You Can Interact With Dinosaurs in This Australian Reptile Park

Are you a dinosaur enthusiast? Love movies like Jurassic Park and Jurassic World? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t. Well then you, my friend, should take a trip to Australia, where there is now an interactive live Dinosaur exhibit.

What’s that, you say? Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years? Well yeah, but these people in realistic dinosaur costumes with handlers make for a believable act.

The Australian Reptile Park put on this spectacle to promote dinosaur awareness. Just kidding, it was a fun way to interact with people, and was a lot of fun for the staff. The dinosaurs and their ‘”handlers” were spotted roaming around the area recently, even going on to the populated Terrigal Beach, sniffing toddlers and stomping in the sand.

They were even seen going to restaurants and trying French Fries. I’m no history-ologist, but I don’t think potatoes would’ve been in a T-Rex or Spinosaurus diet, but it’s 2018 so I guess anything is possible.

Lots of kids had a blast scratching and petting the gargantuan reptiles, without and danger of being eaten alive. It’s hard to tell who enjoyed it more, the onlookers, or the staff!

Check out the dinosaurs at work below:


[via Mashable]

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