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This Just In: Hollywood is Sexist

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Today in American sexism, producer Ross Putnam has taken to Twitter to reveal Hollywood for the piece of shit that it actually is.

(Now’s the time to act shocked).

Putnam is looking for his next film to produce, and in the process of reading script after script, he noticed that the descriptions of female characters are absolute bullshit.

Okay, yes, it’s completely necessary to lay it out on the table when describing your characters. Being as detailed as possible will ensure the right casting and give the actress direction as to what her character is feeling, as well as what her personality is. However, you will quickly see that script writers are apparently sexist assholes.

Check out some of Putnam’s tweets – character descriptions taken from REAL HOLLYWOOD MOVIE SCRIPTS – and see for yourself. If you like what you see, there are even more on his Twitter page.

[via Huffington Post]


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