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Justin Bieber Is Human After All: Singer Apparently Has A ‘Small Penis’ Accuser Just Like Everyone Else

justin bieber

Justin Bieber has a non-Belieber apparently, as a woman who recently partied with the pop-singer aboard his yacht in Melbourne, Australia had previously talked about his penis online.

In a post from 114 weeks prior, Sharah Fitzgerald said the star’s “tatts” were there to compensate for his “small dick and glorious 12 year old body!!” In retrospect, that’s kind of disgusting – a grown woman calling a 12-year-old’s body “glorious?” Have some decency, @sh4rs_.

Fitzgerald’s Instagram profile is private, however, so all we have to go off of is this screenshot of the internet incident. While this isn’t the first time Bieber’s junk has hit the news, this is perhaps the most innocuous of all his incidences, especially because she went back for seconds.

[Via EliteDaily]

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