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Justin Bieber is in Love With New Jersey: Just Why?

Bieber is a suburbs superfan, who knew?

Montclair, New Jersey is an overlooked city. It boasts beauty and culture; at least that’s what Justin Bieber would say. Bieber loves Montclair and he ain’t afraid to show it! As it turns out, the Biebs is a new neighbor to the suburban city and his presence is not going unnoticed.

Bieber has been hitting up the hottest spots in Montclair like Starbucks and the local mall. This move comes shortly after canceling the final 14 dates on his tour, with Bieber making Montclair his newest home. He is said to be in the company of Carl Lentz, the face of the Hillsong congregation, i.e.: the millennial church.

Citizens of Montclair have had encounters with the Biebs and are always ready to share the experience with others. Dozens have been calling in to Z100 with the tales and even divulging the stress that a “hot” celebrity can cause. Lindsey Reed says “Justin Bieber moving five minutes away from me has added so much unnecessary anxiety to my life.”

Needless to say, Bieber is enjoying the suburban life as he regularly visits local spots sans security. One can only hope he makes a cameo on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Please, sweet baby Jesus!

[Via Vulture]

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