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Justin Trudeau’s Celebration of Women Puts Donald Trump’s to Shame


Wednesday is International Women’s Day, a day meant to commemorate the movement for women’s rights as well as celebrate women and their ongoing contributions to our world while raising awareness about issues affecting women, from the lack of equal pay to reproductive rights.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is among many world leaders who took the time to do exactly that, by posting a video on his Twitter feed.

During the video, Trudeau declares he and wife, Sophie, “are feminists” and explains how they’re raising their children “to believe that an equal world is a better and more powerful world.” Trudeau recognizes Canadian women like Viola Desmond, a black Canadian who fought racial segregation, for their contribution to Canada’s history while reminding viewers that “there is still much work to do.” He even takes a moment to recognize the fact that many of the issues facing women, like harassment and violence, “are compounded” for indigenous women, women of color, and trans women.

“Trudeau has already put his money where his mouth is, quite literally, pledging on Wednesday $650 million (Canadian) to fund initiatives focused on reproductive rights worldwide, including contributions to global programs aimed at ending forced marriages and genital mutilation,” explains Mashable.

And as the source points out, by comparison, Trudeau’s video and pledge “shames the weak efforts of U.S. President Donald Trump” who took to Twitter twice to send a contrastingly vague message.

It’s simply hard to believe in his “tremendous respect” when he has frequently made misogynistic comments, called Hillary Clinton “nasty,” called Madonna “disgusting,” talked about grabbing pussy, rescinded rights for transgender students and is currently holding Planned Parenthood hostage. But even alone, Trump’s attempt at honoring women feels seriously weak in light of Trudeau’s.

As if we needed more reason to move to Canada.

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