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Justin Trudeau’s Latest Photoshop Battle is an Amazing Result of Waving to Prom Goers


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knows how to strut his stuff and make a splash on the internet, especially as he runs by a group of prom goers. Everyone might not be familiar with the Prime Minister’s policies or political views, but you have definitely seen him on the internet, whether its his awesome firefighter jacket, wearing Star Wars socks to an official meeting, or challenging Matthew Perry to a fight.

Now, Trudeau is showing up to your prom and snapping a couple pictures to steal the spotlight. He took some selfies, pictures, and shook hands as he ran by the high school students in style.

It didn’t take time for Reddit to get whiff of the picture and have some fun of their own. Once it started, photoshops kept flooded the internet leaving us wanting more.

The Canadian super hero is born.

Nike just released it’s new brand of shoe, “The Air Trudeau’s”

Move over, Ryan Gosling.

“Justin Be Good”

Hey, from the side of a mountain.

I’m seeing double, triple, quadruple.

Batman, Robin, and Justin?

Where, is, my, super, suit?!

And, my favorite, the real Miss America Canadian winner.

[via Mashable]

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