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Kanye West Just Called Out Drake for Stealing His Stage Design

Kanye West

Say what you want about the man, but Kanye West is an original. When he introduced that floating platform at the start of his Saint Pablo tour, he changed the concert game. Now, he’s calling out other rappers for stealing his ideas—in the middle of his show.

During a performance of “Freestyle 4,” he called for the music to stop. “This is the original. Accept no imitations,” he said in a video captured by an audience member. “N****s be copying my shit, bro. Stealin’ our shit, stealin’ stages. Copying our shit one-to-one.”

While names were not named, many think that West is talking about Drake, especially since some fans have noticed the similarities between West and Drake’s lighting design.

We can only hope the two of them work it out, since they’re set to collaborate on album together soon.

[via TMZ]

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