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Kellyanne Conway Gives Impressively Candid Interview, And Admits To Being “Full Of Shit


The Atlantic’s Molly Ball spent  nearly 8,000 words documenting Kellyanne Conway, and it’s perhaps the best look into the psyche that one would need in order to be Donald Trump’s full-time public-deflector.

“We love her, but she’s full of shit,” Conway says about herself, in an attempt to explain that she completely understands the public perception of her. While love might be a strong word, she’s at least half right.

The honesty in the interview is breathtakingly surreal, as she seems to have mastered the art of telling half-truths without revealing the Wizard behind the curtain. It’s almost poetic that she once told CNN to judge the POTUS by “what’s in his heart” instead of “what’s come out of his mouth,” because she almost seems to be yearning for the same type of treatment.

The interview is making the rounds, and deservedly so.

The entire article, and all its glorious excerpts, are definitely worth the read, and the quotes read like someone extolling on years of service under a now-defunct president, versus someone who’s working for an administration that has yet to pass it’s first annual quarter.

[Via TheAtlantic]

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