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This Kid’s ‘My Little Pony’ Excitement will Make you Feel Jaded

Oh childhood. When we weren’t so jaded, and so damned cynical. When we weren’t excited to get home to sleep. When we didn’t see car crashes and laugh (did I say that out loud)? But seriously, childhood is a magical time of excitement and endless joy. As Kurt Cobain said: “I wish I was like you [little girl]. Easily amused.”

Redditor u/TheFunnyWhore posted this video of their daughter’s excited rant. Her daughter’s is Julianna. And she is my new hero! Okay, maybe “hero” is a strong word. Idol then. I mean, damn. The last time I got this excited was when I was being born. It was My Little Pony that caused her jubilation. And not just any My Little Pony: But the mermaid – frickin’ – version of My Little Pony. In Julianna’s defense, that is amazingly exciting stuff. Even to a mid-20 year old like myself.

“But no! This! Is! The! Mermaid! My Little Pony one,” she exclaims. “I even said the F-word, this is so awesome,” Julianna continues, “Oh my god, I get a donut and this Xbox movie!”

“This is the best day of my life, even though it is a school day!”

Check out the video below and cry for your lost innocence:

[via Mashable]

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