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Kim Kardashian is Finally Launching a Line of Concealers

via daily mail

Since last summer, Kim Kardashian has been teasing us with her concealer kits. But finally the time has come and the concealer kits are on there way. Finally, we can have bright under eyes just like Kim K.

Kim confirmed on March 13 that line of concealers will launch on March 23rd.

The first photo of the campaign features Kim, her mom Kris, and her Grandmother M.J, which Kim told Allure, was “to show it’s not always about these young, perfect models that are going to look good no matter what.”


Kim’s new collection consists of 16 different shades of liquid concealer, 4 shades of baking powder (yes, it’s power for baking your under eyes), and 4 shades of brightening powder. To make it easier for customers to find there shades she separated the products into four categories: light, medium, deep, and dark deep. In each category is two cool and two warm toned liquid concealers, a loose baking powder, and a shimmery pressed brightening powder.

You can purchase the items separately for $18 each on, or you can purchase the whole set (liquid concealer, loose powder, and brightening powder) plus two brushes for $88 in order to get the full Kim K  concealed look.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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