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Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Comments Are Filled With Rat Emojis

via Mashable

It seems there might never be an end to the Kanye West and Taylor Swift feud after Kanye’s single “Famous” re-ignited the beef between the two artists back in 2016. This time around, Kim Kardashian found herself in the middle of the drama after she leaked footage of Taylor Swift’s line about her in his song last last year.

Kardashian fans went after Swift, bombarding her social media accounts with emojis of snakes, which she used to market her album Reputation. 

But oh have the tables turned. Now Kim is the one receiving backlash after posting a throwback picture of her looking upon the nude celebrity sculptures that were used in Kanye’s controversial music video for “Famous.”

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via Mashable
via Mashable

Swift fans are bombarding Kim’s page with rat emojis. And the rat emojis haves spread to her other Instagram posts like a disease – or maybe more of an infestation. This emoji war might end up the same way it did last year, when she blocked the snake emoji from her comments earlier this year.

[via Mashable]

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