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Knock One Back During Delays Thanks to this NYC Commuter Themed Beer

Getty Images / Drew Angerer

New Yorkers are currently in the midst of the “Summer of Hell.” Thanks to constant delays due to Penn Station’s emergency track repairs, there is no better time for New Yorkers to knock one back on the platform, in order to have some sort of escape from this nightmare commute.

Luckily, Blue Point Brewing Company is here to make your commute a tiny bit more worth it with their new beer only available in Penn Station, the appropriately named “Delayed.”

Unsurprisingly, the company was inspired to create the beer waiting at Penn Station for a delayed train to Patchogue.

“Myself, our brewers and our employees have spent a lot of time ‘delayed’ in Penn Station waiting for the train back to Long Island, albeit with a beer happily in hand,” Blue Point President Todd Ahsmann told Long Island Press. “Since the delays are expected to increase during construction, we figured we would brew a beer perfect for that extended wait… This beer should hold you over while you wait for the train but provide just enough bite to keep you critical of current state of transit.”

The beer is described as “a blend of floral, spicy hops for subtle apple and lemon-lime aroma, balanced by slight honey notes from a creamy malt body,” a taste that will surely help us all forget about this current hellscape Penn Station has brought upon us.

[Via Mashable]

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