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Kodak Moment: The Photo Company Announces Launch of Cryptocurrency

There have been some mixed feelings after the photo company Kodak officially announced their new “photo-centric cryptocurrency,” which is aimed at photographers who license and sell their work. Some people are skeptical about the release of the cryptocurrency, dubbed KODAKCoin, but numbers don’t lie: Kodak stock has been rising since the announcement at International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Others took notice of the jump as well:

One Twitter user even posits that cryptocurrency may be the way for companies falling into obscurity to stay relevant, suggesting maybe Blockbuster should follow suit.

Despite the rise in stock and relevancy, not everyone is convinced that KODAKCoin is such a great idea.

The cryptocurrency is supposed to help photographers receive compensation when their work is used without a license. However, Kodak will apparently receive half of all the bitcoin these artists produce.

Others in the Twitter community just believe the company’s ploy is simply a reflection of how far the “sad diminished” giant has fallen.

Skeptics aside, others think the idea just might take off. One Twitter user reminds us that people initially laughed at the idea of Uber.

Matt Galligan chimed in on the issue, pointing out that copyright and licensing via a blockchain is actually a sensible idea, if Kodak pulls it off correctly.

Pretty huge news all around! Whether or not Kodak can successfully make this happen in a way that doesn’t screw users over will remain to be seen. I leave you with this pun-filled tweet:

Either way, Kodak is certainly getting plenty of ‘exposure’!

[via Twitter]

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