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Kris Jenner Was Pretty Turnt Up at Her Own Valentines Day Party

via Cosmopolitan

Kris Jenner threw what seemed like a pretty civilized looking Valentines Day from what we could see on her daughter Khloe’s Instagram.

On Kim’s Instagram story we could see that Rob, Khloe, Tristan, Kim and Kanye were amongst some of the guests.

But when they broke out the karaoke that’s when things went from zero to one hundred real quick.

When “Anaconda” started playing she showed off her twerking skills.

But after words it seemed as if Kris had enough, and literally twerked herself out of commission.

Or did she?!

Well let’s just assume she was half awake, quickly knocking out for a powercxap and then waking up in time to sing her favorite songs.

I think we can all agree that Kris Jenner is the life of the party in the Kardashian family.


[via BuzzFeed]

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